Your New Health Weapon: Mindfulness

With our hectic schedules, it can seem like we’re rushing between work, drinks with friends, and a long list of other commitments, all while trying to look our best. We’re…

With our hectic schedules, it can seem like we’re rushing between work, drinks with friends, and a long list of other commitments, all while trying to look our best. We’re all about killing it at work, but just as important as taking the world by storm everyday is giving yourself a little TLC to boost yourself physically and mentally. Believe us, your beauty arsenal has yet to meet an ally like mindfulness.

Mindfulness, which encourages you to slow down and take in a moment with purpose, is shown to inspire self-love and self-acceptance. Essentially, you’re fully invested in what is happening at a given time and what you’re doing, without reacting too strongly to it. Sounds simple? Being completely present is a little trickier than it appears as we’re constantly swayed by demands, obligations, and other people, but the rewards are with it.

How exactly can mindfulness benefit you?

  • We’re more aware of what we eat and what kind of nutrients we put into our bodies.
  • We pay more attention to how we communicate with ourselves, and what language we use when thinking about our bodies or our successes.
  • We can be more forgiving with ourselves and be more open to what we might need to unwind, decompress, or celebrate.

Mindfulness & Health

We become less stressed: a strong mindfulness practice can actually help your brain adapt to how it deals with stress, as well as regulating emotion regulation.

We’re better able to manage illness: We wish mindfulness could ward away the flu, but if you do get sick, meditation can help you deal with stress, bolster your emotional ability to cope with illness, and increase your energy levels. This is especially true for people suffering from chronic or potentially terminal illnesses.

It can help fight depression: One of the most powerful natural tools to counter depression and anxiety, mindfulness helps users distance themselves from, and understand, negative emotions so they are better able to manage depression symptoms.

We’re strengthening our brain: Mindfulness is like a push-up for your brain, but without the exertion. Every time we complete an assignment, our brain readjusts itself to prepare for when we tackle a similar task.

Mindfulness essentially tells it that we work better when calm, observant, and nonjudgmental, helping the brain rewire to accommodate that. A 2005 study found that those who practiced mindfulness had higher-performing cortexes, areas associated with functions like attention and sensory processing.

We look more radiant: When you’re taking care of your physical and mental state, you’re basically giving your body a free beauty treatment. When it comes to mindfulness and health, beauty really does come from the inside out.

Developing a mindfulness practice may not be easy at first, but it’s not difficult to cultivate. Sit down or go for a walk while paying attention to what is going on around you. You can also combine it with yoga to ease into the practice. Most importantly, don’t think about being mindful. Simply let yourself experience.

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Published: 22/09/17

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